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Hulu Adds 70 New Movies Today

Hulu today has added 70 new movies to its subscription Video on Demand lineup. The new films include A Beautiful Mind, the 2001 film directed by Ron Howard which stars Russell Crowe as the brilliant but mentally troubled economist, John Nash; The Breakfast Club, the 1985 John Hughes ‘brat pack’ film starring Emilio Estevez, Molly […]

HBO Max Adds 87 New Movies Today

HBO Max today is adding 87 new movies to its streaming lineup. The new films include On the Waterfront (pictured above), the riveting1954 drama starring Marlon Brando as a longshoreman whose brotherly allegiance crumbles when he falls in love with the sister (Eva Marie Saint) of a man he inadvertently helped murder; The Big Chill, […]

Amazon Adds 57 New Movies Today

Amazon today is adding 57 new movies to its Prime Video and IMDb services. The new films include Fargo, the 1996 Oscar-winning film from the Coen Brothers that’s based on a real-life kidnapping and murder (not!) in Minnesota. William H. Macy and Frances McDormand (wife to Joel Coen) turn in career performances as a bumpkin […]

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